Hair Care

Come rain or shine, one of the most important parts of looking good, will always be the hair. No matter what. So whether your hair is long and wavy, to short and curly, or just a plain old straight mop of hair, then strap yourself in either way, to experience a full blast of totally new hair tips, by me!


How to pull off a gorgeous fish plait in a few simple steps! (for most hair lengths)

Step 1.

Before you start, you must always brush your hair. Then, you must split your hair into 3 different sections.

Step 2.

After the beneficial completion of step 1, you must now take the section of hair on your left, and bring it into the middle. Now the section that was on your left will have become the section in the middle.

Step 3.

Repeat the process until you reach the bottom of your hair. Keep bringing the left and right sections over the middle section. Always remember: start high up on the head to make sure it is actually a fish plait!


Good Luck!



How to create the perfect beehive in a couple of super simple steps! (for medium to long hair)




Step 1. Ensure that your hair has been washed, dried and brushed.


Step 2. A side parting can make you look even more retro, perfect for a hippy or retro party! If that doesn’t sound like your kind of style, then not to worry! Here are some of the alternatives you can try: a) plump up the volume with by flipping your head forward and using a brush from your temples upwards. b) curl or crimp your hair to create a bouffant with spiralling bangs. c) or you could try adding gems to the look!!!


Step 3. Essentially, this next step is the poof in the bouff! Why not try using a teasing spray, because that is what gives this retro look it’s pazazz. Using a curler, you must twirl upwards, towards your forehead, and clip it all back securing with bobby pins.


Step 4. Create your fringe just the way you want it. With the addition of gems, tiaras and general hair accessories, you will have the perfect beehive!!!


Step 5. Strut your stuff on the catwalk!




Shampoo and Conditioner:

Now, hopefully we all know that it really is not a good idea to overdo your shampoo and conditioner, because we all know what that means! That’s right, flaky and itchy scalp! And where there’s a flaky scalp, there’s a lot of itching. BUT, however, there is a simple solution. All you need to do is work out exactly what went wrong to cause the flaky and itchy scalp, and then half the quantities. If that still goes wrong, then do the same thing again, to increase the chances that the next time you try it, it will actually be successful. When you have completed the stages of this task, you can move on and try styling your hair, because you must have silky, smooth hair to be able to pull off a brilliant hair style. Hope you succeed!

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