Make-up Tips



Mascara is the easiest and most effective way of emphasising your eyes. If you have a fair skin tone, choose a brown/black colour. Darker hair and skin tones can get away with a blue/black colour. Using the same positioning as you would if you were applying eyeliner, i.e with your chin raised slightly and looking down at yourself in the mirror, sweep the mascara wand upward from the base of the lashes. It’s much easier to start on the outer lashes and work your way inwards, that way you will pull of a fabulous long-lash effect.




Never over-do your lipstick. If you have darker coloured lips, then you can get away with emphasising them a little too much, but otherwise, DO NOT TRY THIS as you will look like a very stupid clown. Anyway, lip balm, and other cleansing or soothing products are fine to use. But if you are a sensible girl, only try that when your lips get sore, or you really will be over-doing it. Only use lipstick on special occasions.




All girls want silky, smooth skin. Mother nature on the other hand has other ideas: SPOTS!

There’s nothing more depressing than a spot.There’s also not a lot you can do to stop yourself getting them. But you can cover them up, and here’s some of the ways that you can do it:

Use foundation/concealer to touch up any facial mishaps and hide away spots or minor blemishes (but always check the label)

Spot cream (such as Freederm, and other gels or facial scrubs)

Facial Scrub

Facial gel








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