Stylist Tips

Love Your Style:

If anyone has the right to judge you because of the way you look, it’s you, and ONLY you. Your style is key, and one top way to always look good, is to contrast colours, then research what hairstyle and accessories you should wear with the outfit. If you are in a hurry, then you should always keep it simple but bold, don’t try to make a huge effort if you are going to a quick and simple night out.


Keep It Cool:

Whenever you are trying to look cool, remember this simple but effective rule: Keep to top trends. Such as… If I was going for a girly night out, then I might layer colours and textures for my outfit, and try to keep to strict rules, like wearing purples, oranges and golds only, or only patterned accessories with a baby blue dress.

3 thoughts on “Stylist Tips

  1. Hi guys! If you have read my stylist tips above/ on the previous page, then you will know, that you should always keep to strict rules. I love fashion so much that I need to share my knowledge with you.

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